Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Delete linkedin account | How to disable linkedin account

Delete linkedin account | How to disable linkedin account -  Here is a complete guide on how to delete linkedin account. Its very simple to understand. 

Delete linkedin account | How to disable linkedin account
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Delete LinkedIn account guide explains in full how to delete LinkedIn account and reasons why people chose to delete their account on LinkedIn.
Different persons has different reason why they wish to terminate delete LinkedIn account. So you know the main reason why you have chosen to deactivate / delete LinkedIn account of yours. 

Linkedin over the years has tried to retain most of its customers, and as much as i know Linkedin is the best online social media. Deleting linkedin account will only take you just a couple of minutes to complete on if the two listed things are in good form.

  1. Email address: You will have to confirm that you want to delete linkedin account associated with the email you used during the time you registered for your account. If you no longer have access to our Linkedin email you may find it very difficult to to terminate or better still delete linkedin account of yours. So to make sure you complete your task and delete LinkedIn account in peace, first recover your email address and then proceed.

  1. Stable internet access: You need to have a very good internet, one that is very stable and fast. Low Internet speed may slow down the speed and time you need in other to delete linkedin account.
How to delete linkedin account
  1. You will have to visit the Linkedin website from here www.linkedin.com   Since you want to delete linkedin account, you need to open a new tab/window on your web browser and access LinkedIn Login. Linkedin website loads very fast.
  2. Click on privacy and setting on the account and settings tab at the top of your profile page. This tab used to delete linkedin account is close to the Notification tab, Message tab and Add connection tab on top.
  3. Once you are on the setting page click on the account button 
  4. Click on close your account button to delete LinkedIn account finally. 


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